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Construction And Design Defects In Condos: The Legal Implications

New Orleans is seeing a massive boom in construction. New condominiums are popping up everywhere. This high demand has serious downfalls.

The high turnaround on construction means more and more corners are being cut. Low-quality work and substandard techniques are being used far too often. This means:

  • Building code violations
  • Contract violations
  • Design defects
  • Unsafe site selection or site preparation
  • Construction defects
  • Property damage
  • Equipment failures
  • Developer litigation

As a condo association board member, contractor or other responsible party, you are vulnerable. The smartest thing you can do to prevent or solve problems is to hire an experienced lawyer.

How I Can Protect Your Interests

I am a licensed contractor and experienced lawyer. I represent numerous clients every year in insurance claims and contract violations, specifically for property damage and construction issues. And, I make sure that my clients get the best possible settlement.

Condo litigation typically involves multiple third parties pursued under various theories of liability, mixed with insurance coverage issues. As a contractor and lawyer, I am in a unique position. I understand construction, design and safety standards. I also can unravel coverage issues under the applicable insurance policies. I know what bad work looks like. More importantly, I know professionals in the industry who can properly evaluate your claims.

As an attorney, I write and evaluate construction contracts, so I know what your contract means and how it should have been fulfilled.

You do not have to go into this fight alone and unarmed. Use my knowledge to your advantage.

Hire A Lawyer Who Can Do What Is Right

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