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Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Property Claim

You did all the right things. Your commercial property is an investment and the point of operation for your business. You and your business partners made sure to do what was possible to protect your investment. When your property was damaged, you thought you would be covered. But the insurance company’s offer is not nearly enough to repair the damage or compensate you for your business interruption. When insurance companies evaluate your property damage, and your business interruption they often underestimate the scope of the damage and the amount of money actually needed to make the necessary repairs and recover your loss revenue. Increasingly, insurance companies are invoking the appraisal clause embedded in insurance policies. They then interpret these clauses in an unfair way. As an experienced attorney, I know commercial insurance policies and the traps within a policy, as well as an undervalued offer when I see it. I know how and when to stand up to insurance companies.

Putting a commercial property back together after a devastating or catastrophic event is complicated and many times involves large-scale roofing, mechanical and structural issues. You need a qualified experienced lawyer to handle your claim from the beginning to the end.

Trust My Track Record

It is not easy to find an attorney you can trust with your property. There is a lot at stake for you and your business. That is why you need a lawyer with a proven record of success litigating commercial business property insurance claims.

I have spent my career helping people navigate insurance disputes. Businesses in Louisiana, Texas and Alabama trusted me with their claims after hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and Harvey. I fought for them and won.

I have helped hundreds of businesses recover from severe property damage and business interruption. I start your case in the most logical place possible — I work with contractors and experts to compile a complete damage assessment of your property and business interruption. Then, I go to the insurance companies — organized and well-prepared to get what you deserve.

Quality Representation You Can Afford

There is a good chance your business has been interrupted and you already are spending money to begin repairs. You cannot afford the additional risk and high cost of a pay-as-you-go attorney. That is why I work on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay me anything unless you receive a payment on your insurance claim. I have to get results to get paid. Get Results, Get RJD.

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