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I am attorney Robert Diliberto. For more than 20 years, I have been helping people in Louisiana and Texas recover from devastating property losses and resolve construction-related disputes. My firm is small enough to provide personal service, yet large enough to have the resources and assets needed to get the job done. As a lawyer I represent:

  • Commercial property owners
  • Residential property owners
  • Business owners
  • Condominium Associations
  • Construction Companies
  • Contractors
In the wake of natural disasters, it is sad but true that many times insurance companies are not on your side. Their goal is to settle claims for as little as possible. My goal is to help you get back on your feet and receive what you deserve.

Our Areas Of Practice

Hurricane Damage Claims
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Commercial Property Damage Claims
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Residential Property Damage Claims
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Fire Insurance Claims
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Construction Law
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Condominium Litigation
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This is Not My First Hurricane

You need a lawyer who understands the intricate details of your case. My experience and “inside” knowledge is invaluable when working on your behalf:
  • I have helped clients achieve favorable outcomes after hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Ike, Gustav and others.
  • I am a licensed contractor.
  • I am a licensed real estate broker.
  • I know how to manage large, complicated cases, as my list of representative clients proves.
  • I am licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Texas.

In addition, I was at the forefront of litigation after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Few, if any, attorneys in the Gulf region have the kind of experience that I do regarding building construction-related disputes and catastrophic losses.


When we have to make the business decision to retain a lawyer, we choose the Diliberto Law Firm. With Robert Diliberto we get quality representation on a contingency fee basis that fits our business model and allows us to manage our risk while obtaining the best possible outcome to litigation.” – David F.

Lawyers of Distinction

You Can Afford High-Quality Legal Representation

After suffering catastrophic losses, businesses and individuals seldom have money to hire a skilled attorney. That is why I work on a contingency basis: you do not pay unless we win.

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