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Understanding violations of HOA regulations

Purchasing and owning a home is an exciting and major life event. However, owning a home is much more than owning a residence. A house comes with many responsibilities and upkeep, and if a home is purchased in a development, such as a homeowners association, it means following certain rules and regulations. To some, this may seem very minimal and could possibly be an ideal environment for them. But if violations occur, this could create a complex matter for a homeowner.

In order to understand where a violation could occur, it should be understood what homeowner associations could regulate. There are in fact a wide variety of activities that that a homeowner association or HOA may regulate. This can include pets, singles, siding and exterior paint, fences, shrubs and hedges, landscaping, swing sets, basketball hoops and other structures for children, mailboxes, noise, tool shed and operating a home-based business.

Overcoming property damage insurance claims post hurricane

Weather can impact our lives. It can make driving more difficult, cause one to stay in for the night and could even result in an evacuation. Louisiana residents understand how hurricanes can seriously affect a person's life. These storms cause much anxiety as the approach; however, once they have passed, residents are left to pick up the pieces, hoping that they still have a home to go back to.

It can be devastating to see your home, your belongings and your community ruined by a hurricane. Much of this is irreplaceable, making it a trying time for individuals in Metairie. At Diliberto law Firm, our attorneys understand how challenging this time can be, which is why we are dedicated and focused on helping our clients navigate these matters and move forward.

The details of insurance policies and hurricane damage

As the seasons change, the weather does not experience major changes in Louisiana and other similarly situated states. However, with season change does come weather conditions. In other words, hurricane season can present some major weather conditions, causing concerns for not only individuals living there but also the property that is there.

While efforts are made to install certain windows that can withstand the strength of some hurricane wind and rain and material that can stand up to some storms, these efforts only go so far. Most homeowners in areas where hurricanes frequent take measures to help protect themselves when and if a hurricane comes through and damages their property. However, these insurance policies may not fully cover all incidents or hurricane damages.

Guiding you through a commercial property claim

Making an investment and purchasing commercial property can be the right choice for many. It can be an excellent course of income and can turn into a lucrative business. However, even the best operations are not shielded from the unexpected or tragedy. Thus, when commercial property is damaged, it is important to understand what options one might have to rectify this situation.

When commercial property owners in Louisiana and elsewhere are found in this predicament, they are likely to reach out to their insurance carrier. Typically, insurance companies will issue a check to help repair the damage. However, this amount is likely not nearly enough to completely repair all of the damages.

Are wind related damages covered by your business insurance?

Those who own commercial property in the Metairie area have worked hard to get where they're at. They have spent the time purchasing the property and want to do what they can to protect the property once they own it. If a commercial property is damaged by wind, most property owners assume that their insurance will cover the damages.

Some business owners may be surprised to know that their insurance policy may not cover wind-related losses or they may find that the insurance company does not do an adequate job in evaluating the wind-related damages. In Louisiana, wind-related damages can be common and natural disasters can ruin a property. Insurance companies understand these losses happen frequently in Louisiana and can delay or even avoid paying a claim for wind-related damages.

What steps can you take to prevent wind damage to your home?

As of 2005, if you own property in Louisiana you can receive financial compensation for making improvements to your home that help prevent wind damage. With the proper documentation and inspections, this could be in the form of tax deductions, elimination of sales tax, reduction of insurance premiums or other compensation.

However, if you are not ready to re-open your walls and virtually remodel your home, there are several smaller steps you can take to prevent wind damage today.

Planning for the tech impacts of a disaster

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can be very disruptive to businesses. Many things can impact how good of a position a company is in to bounce back after a disaster strikes. One is how it responds to the tech impacts of the disaster.

Wind damage and the other damage coming from natural disasters can cause many things that could greatly impact a company’s IT infrastructure. This includes equipment damage and power outages.

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