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Tips for dealing with insurance companies after a hurricane

Hurricane season can be a tough time for residents down here in the south. And we still have a few months to go, since the official end of hurricane season is not until November 30.

Many people living on the coast ensure that they have an insurance policy to protect their property in case of a hurricane. In these cases, your insurance company sends out an adjuster to review the damage and determine how much coverage you receive. However, these insurance companies often only look to increase their profit. 

Spat over Hurricane Barry leads to cease and desist order

The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner recently issued a cease and desist order to State Farm, which insures many properties in Louisiana. The cease and desist order relates to the insurance carrier's interpretation of its policy in light of Hurricane Barry, which caused damage on the Louisiana coast earlier this year.

The insurance company was attempting to collect a special hurricane deductible from those customers who were claiming damage to their property from the storm. The hurricane deductible is usually a percentage of the property's value instead of being a standard amount like $500 or $1,000.

Scientists predicting more active second half of hurricane season

Many people may describe this year's Atlantic Hurricane Season to be relatively quiet thus far. However, we are now entering the peak of hurricane season.

Specifically, late August, September and early October is the time of year in which tropical cyclones can develop in many locations in the Atlantic. Storms during this time are not only more frequent, but also more severe, with major hurricanes like 2018's Hurricane Michael more likely to develop.

Avoid these post-hurricane contractor scams

Preparing for and protecting your loved ones and property from the wrath of a hurricane is stressful time in anyone’s life. Having to worry about getting financially scammed while doing your best to recover shouldn’t be a worry you have to focus on, but it is. Hurricane season not only brings high tides, howling winds, torrential rain and sometimes tidal waves, it also attracts scam-artists that want to help rid you of the few assets you have left.

Scammers are always scheming for fast money. A most attractive group for these criminals to leach onto are those recovering from a terrible storm or natural disaster. They can smell the need for aid from miles away and will come running.

The loss of use benefit on commercial property insurance policies

A Texas or Louisiana businessowner who experiences damage to his commercial property knows that the losses to his business extend far beyond the repairs of the building itself. Perhaps the biggest problem, aside from fixing their property, is that a business owner may have to close shop altogether while repairs are conducted. In other cases, even if the business can remain open, it can only do so while offering limited services. Of course, not being open translates in to lost profits and can also spell problems for a company's overall reputation and goodwill, as customers may have to go to competitors while a business is sidelined.

Many property insurance policies recognize the profound economic impact having to close for unexpected repairs can have on a commercial enterprise. This is why many policies offer coverage for so-called loss of use. As the name implies, this coverage is designed to compensate a business for lost profits in the event the it has to close because of fire or wind damage, or some other natural or even man-made disaster.

Hurricane Barry causes $500 million in damage

According to one report, property damage from Hurricane Barry could run up to $500 million. As many of our readers know, Hurricane Barry struck the southwest Louisiana coast recently after forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

The damage could have been a lot worse. When it struck the coast, the storm was a very weak hurricane, with winds right around 75 miles per hour. Moreover, the storm was not particularly well organized and dissipated rapidly once it hit land.

Construction defect claims involve many issues

People in Louisiana and Eastern Texas invest a lot of money and time in their construction projects. Whether it is the new dream home of a couple or the latest development of an investment group, the last thing any real estate investor wants is to discover a major problem with their property's construction.

Contractors have an obligation to make sure that the projects they take on are done correctly, legally and safely. Likewise, contractors expect their subcontractors to do their work properly and provide a safe and reliable completed project.

Hurricane season thankfully off to a slow start

The residents on the coast of Texas and Louisiana are enjoying beautiful sunsets these days thanks to dust blowing from the Sahara Desert.

Perhaps more importantly, they are also enjoying a very quiet start to this year's Atlantic hurricane season, which kicked off on June 1.

Six steps to take after a storm damages your property

As we plunge deeper into the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, Louisiana property owners may find themselves forced to deal with storm damage. Winds, rain, hail and flooding can cause extensive damage and disrupt your business. Recovering quickly can help you get your business back on track.

How can you recover quickly? You can take steps to minimize the potential damage, you can make sure you have the right insurance, and you can make sure you take the right steps after a storm hits your property.

Overview of restrictive covenants

There may be an impression among Louisiana residents that homeowners associations are very bureaucratic in that they tell individual residents in subdivisions what they can and cannot do.

However, the power of these associations is only as extensive as are the restrictive covenants that they are charged with enforcing. Without legally binding restrictive covenants, the association really has no power to regulate a neighborhood's appearance or impose penalties on owners who do not comply.

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