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What are some common types of business insurance claims?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claims |

Entrepreneurs in the Metairie area who own a small business will likely take out a business insurance policy to protect their business should the physical business itself be damaged or should a crime be committed against the business. The following are some common claims businesses may file with their insurance company.

Burglary and other theft crimes

Any business can be subject to theft crimes such as burglary. In fact, burglary is one of the most common type of business insurance claims. Theft crimes can even be committed by angry customers or employees.

Fire claims

When a business catches on fire, it can cost a significant amount of time and money to clean up the building so that the business can continue operations. It does not take very long for a fire to cause a serious amount of property damage. It is important that business insurance companies cover fire damage claims, so the business can get back on its feet.

Wind-damage claims

Wind damage is common in Louisiana, a state that can see high gusts of winds especially during hurricanes. Wind damage can shut down a business for a significant amount of time, and some businesses may find they are unable to open again altogether. Thus, it is important that your insurer covers your wind-damage claim.

Customer injuries

When you operate a business, it is almost unavoidable that sooner or later someone will be injured on your property. This might be due to a slip-and-fall or due to a falling object. If your insurance policy covers customer injuries, it could be the protection you need if someone gets injured while in your business.

What if your business insurance claim is denied?

Unfortunately, those who feel they have a valid claim for benefits under their business insurance policy may still find their claim is denied. When this happens, they can contact their insurer in writing disputing the claim or asking for further details on why the claim was denied. However, if that fails business owners may need to go to court. If you want to dispute a denied claim, it can help to retain an attorney who will protect your interests against insurance companies and in court if necessary.