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What Do You Do After A Hurricane?

The hurricane has finally passed. It is time to assess the damage, and you know it is going to be bad. Broken windows are the least of your problems. Structural damage and wind damage are going to cost tens of thousands to repair. Will your insurance company even cover all of it?

Now, you are left wondering what to do.

You need an attorney who knows construction and can help you maximize your insurance settlement by obtaining correct compensation for your damaged property.

The Diliberto Law Firm Handles Hurricane Aftermath

It is not a secret — property damage from a hurricane is serious and seems to get worse every year. You are likely already paying thousands to get insurance that covers hurricane damage. But insurance companies do not want to pay out.

I am attorney Robert Diliberto. When I begin working on your case, I begin with a comprehensive damage assessment and review of your insurance policy. I work with area contractors and construction professionals to create an accurate estimate of repair costs. Better yet, as a licensed contractor, I am uniquely qualified to review those estimates.

Then, I go to the insurance companies. I have worked with hundreds of individuals and businesses in Louisiana, Texas and Alabama. I know when an insurance company is treating you fairly and when they are trying to underpay your claim.

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The first step to getting back on your feet is hiring a qualified lawyer capable of taking on your insurance company. I am a trusted attorney who handles exactly these types of cases.

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