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How Do Contingency Fees Work?

Most of us are familiar with the idea of an hourly fee. An hourly fee agreement means your attorney requires payment for services and expenses in advance or as they occur. Many times an hourly fee may not be the right fee structure for your dispute. With an hourly fee, the client alone is exposed to attorney fees and litigation expenses, and the result is unknown.

Worse yet, hourly fees are expensive at a time when you probably do not have money to spare or put at further risk.

A contingency fee means your lawyer shares the risk of your case. Your lawyer does not charge you any upfront fees. They only get paid when you get paid. The benefit in a contingency fee is that your attorney is not guaranteed payment. They have to perform, get results and work as hard as possible to maximize your settlement. If you win, they win. If you get paid, they get paid.

The Diliberto Law Firm has established a reputation as a provider of high-quality legal representation. Robert Diliberto is known for investing time, money and resources in clients’ cases taken on a contingency fee basis in order to maximize recovery and to achieve high net results for his clients.

What Are Reverse Contingent Fees?

Like with a typical contingency fee, your lawyer will only get paid if he is successful. There are no hourly fees. With this type of arrangement, attorneys work harder and are more likely to reduce your exposure and obtain a favorable outcome quickly and efficiently.

A reverse contingency fee is applicable when you get sued. You and your lawyer agree on the dollar amount of the risk you face if you lose your case. Unlike a typical contingency fee, where you pay based on the amount of your settlement, the cost of your lawyer’s services is based on the amount of money he or she saves you.

Why Do I Work On A Contingency Basis?

I am attorney Robert Diliberto. I strongly believe that working on contingency is the right thing to do. It aligns the lawyer and the client, who both have a stake in the matter and share the risk, while working together to obtain a successful outcome. People come to attorneys when times are tough. You deserve high-quality legal help during a very challenging and stressful time, and I know you may not be able to pay for that. A fee structure based on contingency fees makes it possible.

That is why The Diliberto Law Firm uses contingency fees — it gives people access to justice at times when they really need it and can least afford it.

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