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What can you do when an insurer won’t pay for property damage?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Hurricane Property Damage Insurance Claims |

Louisiana is a beautiful place to live but enjoying the beauty and the culture permanently is not without a few risks. Hurricanes frequently wreak havoc in the state leading to significant property loss and damage. Other natural disasters can also lead to substantial property damage in the state.

Most residents attempt to mitigate these risks by investing in insurance policies. Unfortunately, not all insurance providers practice in good faith. This means that legitimate claims may result in denial or delays designed to encourage you to drop your claim.

Some of the methods insurers use to try and avoid paying legitimate residential property damage claims include:

  • Saying that your insurance application contained errors
  • Saying that the policy you purchased does not cover the damage
  • Saying that you waited too long to file your insurance claim

Insurers also deny claims for no valid reason at all, which is called a bad faith claim. When this occurs, the adjuster may offer you several reasons why it will not pay you. These reasons sound valid so many residents drop the matter, leaving them with significant property damage and zero solutions.

Many people do not realize that they can take legal action when legitimate residential property damage claims go unpaid. A great first step is to contact an attorney experienced in handling denied or delayed claims. Together, you and your lawyer can discuss the pertinent details of your case and likely find a solution that will meet your needs.

When you pay for insurance coverage in good faith, you expect the same in return. Fighting for the insurance payout you are due may help encourage more insurers to act fairly when natural and other disasters damage a person’s property.