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Late night storm causes severe property damage

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Louisiana homeowners are no strangers to harsh weather conditions. High winds, damaging hail and heavy rains can cause property damage that may compromise the integrity of a home. When this happens, a family may have to worry about where to live as well as how to pay for the repairs. For many, homeowner’s insurance is the answer to those questions.

Unfortunately, insurance companies may promote their friendly, compassionate response to tragedies, but they are still businesses that must focus on the bottom line. This often means underestimating the cost of home repairs after a storm or other disaster. In fact, some families may be experiencing the struggle of working with insurance companies following the recent storms that tore through a local neighborhood late one night.

In the morning, residents and rescue workers saw the streets littered with debris torn from homes in the area. At least four houses suffered significant damage when trees toppled onto them in the high winds of the storm. One house in particular sustained catastrophic damage when a tree broke through the roof and ceiling of the upper floor, leaving a gaping hole.

Residents may be relieved to receive a quick offer from an insurance adjuster. However, this amount may be far less than the homeowner will need after construction experts evaluate the property damage. This is why it is wise for Louisiana policyholders to consult with a skilled attorney who has experience working with insurance companies and contractors. Such an attorney can be a strong advocate for helping homeowners obtain the payments they deserve for their losses.