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Tips for protecting your claim after a storm hits your property

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claims, Hurricane Property Damage Insurance Claims |

It came and went, and it left a path of destruction in its wake. A natural disaster has upended your life by seriously damaging your property. How you handle your property insurance claim following the incident may affect your chances of financial recovery.

Of course, seeking medical attention and ensuring safety will be on the top of your to-do list. But, as it relates to your claim, consider the below tips when you move forward in response to the disaster:

  • Understand your deductible – It may help you financially plan to know what storm deductible your policy holds. Look for it on your policy’s declaration page.
  • Document the damage – Before moving the contents of your home, be sure to photograph or video record damage that was done to your property and the items inside of it.
  • Organize and communicate – Keep your damaged and undamaged property separate, if possible. This will help you and your adjuster understand the extent of your damages. Make sure your insurance company and your attorney, if you have one assisting you, have your most updated contact information.
  • Make necessary repairs – After the storm, many insurance policies require holders to take measures to prevent further damage to their property. This may include making temporary repairs. If you do make repairs, be sure to have photographic evidence of the damaged property as it was prior to making the repairs.

If you call Louisiana home, you likely know the steps you need to prepare for a storm. But how you respond after a catastrophe may affect your very livelihood. To learn about how best to approach your insurance company and better protect your claim, consider discussing your options with an experienced property damage lawyer.