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Construction defect claims involve many issues

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Condominium And Homeowners Association Law |

People in Louisiana and Eastern Texas invest a lot of money and time in their construction projects. Whether it is the new dream home of a couple or the latest development of an investment group, the last thing any real estate investor wants is to discover a major problem with their property’s construction.

Contractors have an obligation to make sure that the projects they take on are done correctly, legally and safely. Likewise, contractors expect their subcontractors to do their work properly and provide a safe and reliable completed project.

Unfortunately, construction defects are all too common in Louisiana, Texas and Alabama, and they happen for many reasons. If a defect effects one of the core systems of a piece of real estate, like the electrical system or the ability of the building to resist moisture, the defect can wind up ruining the whole investment.

Sometimes, the problem lies not so much with those who performed the work, but with those who designed the property in the first place. For example, an architect and engineer may carelessly create a plan that is either not up to code or, perhaps worse, has fundamental flaws that even the best contractors will not be able to fix.

In other cases, the problem can be defective or poor quality construction materials. Bad windows or roofing materials can, for instance, cause serious problems with water and mold penetrating into the walls of the house. No matter the cause, it can be hard for a victim of a construction defect to prove their case and get the compensation they deserve, especially in the complicated environment of construction litigation.