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Tornadoes, severe storms, strike Eastern Texas

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claims |

As this blog has discussed before, Eastern Texas and Louisiana, as well as other parts of the South and the Central States, have been hard hit by tornados and other severe weather this spring.

In one of the latest outbreaks, serious storm damage was reported in a town east of the greater Dallas area. While thankfully there were no serious physical injuries, property damage in the town was reported. A tornado had been seen in the general vicinity prior to the damage.

According to the National Weather Service office in Shreveport, Louisiana, other storms and tornados were also reported in parts of East Texas, near the Arkansas border. High straight-line winds, equivalent to those one might feel in a strong tropical storm, were also observed by trained weather spotters.

The latest outbreak marked the 13th day in a row in which the National Weather Service received reports of at least 8 tornados. This set a new record, with the previous streak being 11 days back in 1980.

Of course, even without tornados, severe storms can carry with them the possibility of damaging gusts of wind and large, damaging hail. These storms can destroy businesses or, at best, cause some serious and urgent problems that must be repaired quickly.

In the aftermath of a bad storm, a property owner may have to file an insurance claim in order to get the money he or she needs to rebuild or make repairs. In the meantime, a person’s life and business will likely be disrupted. This makes it very important for windstorm damage and other claims to be resolved effectively and efficiently. An attorney experienced with handling commercial property damage insurance claims can help.