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What damage does wind cause to a home?

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Many homes in Louisiana are now built to withstand wind better. You can apply for tax deductions when you install these improvements. However, your home may not have these features, and even if it does, your home may still sustain damage in a hurricane.

Here are the ways wind can damage your home and how it can be repaired.

Roof damage

Wind may pry up asphalt shingles. Hail can also break shingles in half. You may be able to replace a small part of your shingles, or you could need an entirely new roof. With metal roofs, hail or falling trees branches can dent your roof. If the dents are severe enough, you may have leaks. You can usually repair damaged sections of a metal roof, instead of the whole roof. A tile roof withstands wind better, but falling debris can damage the tile. Replacing tile is expensive and delicate work.

Siding damage

During a storm, wood siding can be damaged by excessive rain. According to Home Advisor, if you do not get it checked out, it may start to rot and can compromise your home’s structure. Aluminum or metal siding can get dented by hail or debris. These repairs may be extensive. Vinyl siding usually weathers a storm better because it is more resistant to denting or water damage. However, if wind damages your vinyl siding, it may need to be replaced entirely because it is difficult to match.

Deck or porch damage

If your porch or deck appears damaged, avoid using it. You could fall through or the structure may collapse on top of you. If you have a wood deck or porch, you may be able to replace a few boards and screws that have come loose. With a composite deck or porch, the material determines the type of repairs. Wood blend boards may not need any repair from a few scratches or dings. Plastic boards may be able to be resealed or a spot treatment applied.

Broken windows and downed trees

Broken windows are common during a hurricane. You will either need to have the pane replaced or the entire window replaced. Downed trees must be removed from your property, and the cost of doing so can vary greatly.

Unless you have an emergency repair, consult your insurance company before you get wind damage fixed. You should also consult your insurance company before you attempt any DIY repairs. Many of these repairs required a skilled professional and attempting to fix issues on your own may only make things worse. If your insurance refuses to pay or tries to underpay on your hurricane claim, you do not have to accept this offer. You can speak to an attorney who may be able to negotiate a better settlement and get you what you need to repair your home.