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Helping contractors enjoy the New Orleans housing boom

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Condominium And Homeowners Association Law |

Right now, the area in and around the Big Easy is experiencing a spike in new construction projects. In particular, new condominium develops are popping up all over the greater New Orleans area.

In a perfect world, a high demand for new construction can lead to economic prosperity for contractors and others in the business. However, with high demand also comes a tendency for subcontractors and others to rush their work so as to move on to the next job.

The end result can be serious legal issues related to a construction project one is involved in. For instance, the construction may be defective or even downright unsafe. In other cases, the construction may be safe from a general point of view, but it is unfortunately in violation of a local building code or a provision in a contract.

In these sorts of cases, contractors, leaders of a condominium association and others may need legal protection. Otherwise, such people could wind up having to shell over lots of money for a problem that is really not their fault. The end result could be that, for the person holding the bag, the construction boom in Southern Louisiana becomes an absolute bust.

The attorney at our law office has a unique insight in to construction-related claims, including those involving new condominiums, because he himself is also a contractor. As such, he both knows the law and has experience with the nuts and bolts of how construction projects are supposed to work, as well as what can go wrong and why.

Many contractors and other professionals who found themselves vulnerable in the face of a legal issue related to construction have been able to trust his judgment and experience in handling their cases.