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Understanding violations of HOA regulations

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Condominium And Homeowners Association Law |

Purchasing and owning a home is an exciting and major life event. However, owning a home is much more than owning a residence. A house comes with many responsibilities and upkeep, and if a home is purchased in a development, such as a homeowners association, it means following certain rules and regulations. To some, this may seem very minimal and could possibly be an ideal environment for them. But if violations occur, this could create a complex matter for a homeowner.

In order to understand where a violation could occur, it should be understood what homeowner associations could regulate. There are in fact a wide variety of activities that that a homeowner association or HOA may regulate. This can include pets, singles, siding and exterior paint, fences, shrubs and hedges, landscaping, swing sets, basketball hoops and other structures for children, mailboxes, noise, tool shed and operating a home-based business.

In addition to having covenants, codes and restrictions, a HOA has fees. While some can require a nominal monthly fee, others could require significantly higher fees. It should also be noted that a HOA can levy assessments on residents when it comes to major renovations or repairs.

Dealing with issues stemming from a homeowners association can be complex and stressful. It is important to understand how to address them. Whether it is a dispute stemming from violations, the failure to pay dues or even issues regarding renovations, it is possible to take legal action to resolve these issues and to protect your interests.