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Guiding you through a commercial property claim

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claims |

Making an investment and purchasing commercial property can be the right choice for many. It can be an excellent course of income and can turn into a lucrative business. However, even the best operations are not shielded from the unexpected or tragedy. Thus, when commercial property is damaged, it is important to understand what options one might have to rectify this situation.

When commercial property owners in Louisiana and elsewhere are found in this predicament, they are likely to reach out to their insurance carrier. Typically, insurance companies will issue a check to help repair the damage. However, this amount is likely not nearly enough to completely repair all of the damages.

At Diliberto law firm, our attorneys have seen this time and time again. Insurance companies will underestimate the damage when they evaluate property damage. This can be extremely problematic when a commercial property owner is unable to complete all the repair required to get everything up and running again. In these matters, our law firm can step in to help our clients invoke the appraisal clause that is embedded in insurance policies.

By taking action, property owners can ensure that they do not fall into traps within policies. This can also help them get the money that they deserve. Standing up to an insurance company may seem overwhelming and complex. However, our law firm is able to stand up for our clients, handling their action from beginning to end.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s commercial property damage insurance claims website. These can be very sudden, shocking and emotional events for individuals, and it is important that commercial property owners understand that they can take steps to protect their rights.