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Construction law: Tips to help Louisiana contractors avoid litigation

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Construction Law |

As attorneys with a background in construction as well as construction law, we understand the legal complications contractors in Louisiana face. Every time you must step away from work to address legal issues is time you could have spent serving your clients.

There are many different types of disputes between contractors and clients but claims of poor workmanship are particularly harmful to your Louisiana business. When someone files a construction defect claim against you, it typically results in a multitude of problems. You will need to take steps to defend your work while also looking for ways to ameliorate the effects of such accusations.

For example, if someone names your business in a defect claim, word will spread, which could lead to a loss of existing customers. In many cases, you will lose new business as well. We know from experience that you can mount a successful defense against such claims with guidance from a construction law attorney. However, it is always best to avoid litigation whenever possible and the tips below can help.  

  • Create strong construction contracts: Construction contracts are quite complicated. Have an attorney review your contracts for loopholes others can use to target your company.
  • Make quality control a top priority: Ensuring that your team provides top-quality workmanship is the best way to avoid litigation. Constant collaboration with team members keeps everyone on the same page during your projects.
  • Stay openminded about settling a claim: We know you want to protect your company’s good name, but sometimes agreeing to settle a claim might be in your best interests. Discussing the issue in-depth with an experienced lawyer can help you decide whether to settle or to keep fighting.

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