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Planning for the tech impacts of a disaster

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claims |

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can be very disruptive to businesses. Many things can impact how good of a position a company is in to bounce back after a disaster strikes. One is how it responds to the tech impacts of the disaster.

Wind damage and the other damage coming from natural disasters can cause many things that could greatly impact a company’s IT infrastructure. This includes equipment damage and power outages.

In today’s digital world, a company’s IT infrastructure can have major impacts on its overall ability to do business. So, this infrastructure going out of commission for a long period of time due to a disaster could spell serious trouble for a company.

So, it can be important for companies to prepare for the tech impacts they could face should a disaster strike. By having a well-tailored plan in place, businesses can be in a better position to keep their IT infrastructure protected in the event of a disaster and keep their infrastructure up and running in the disaster’s wake.

Here are some disaster preparedness steps that companies can take when it comes to their IT infrastructure:

  • Having a strategy meeting with key players in the company to discuss what the key IT issues would likely be for the business should a disaster strike and what it would take to properly address these issues
  • Using the ideas coming from this meeting to develop a disaster response plan tailored to the company’s circumstances and needs
  • Identifying the IT equipment and services that are needed to fulfill this plan, and purchasing the ones that best meet the company’s needs
  • Running tests of the plan so that employees are familiar with it and that potential problems with the plan can be identified and addressed
  • Updating the plan as potential holes are identified and circumstances change

Another thing that can impact a business’ ability to recover from a disaster is what happens with insurance claims related to damage, such as IT equipment damage, caused by the disaster. So, another disaster preparedness step that can be important for business owners is getting their company insurance coverage well-suited to its needs.

Unfortunately, companies sometimes encounter problems with insurance claims related to commercial property damage. This could include insurers valuing their claims in an unfair way. Skilled property loss attorneys can help businesses respond when such problems arise.