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Spat over Hurricane Barry leads to cease and desist order

The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner recently issued a cease and desist order to State Farm, which insures many properties in Louisiana. The cease and desist order relates to the insurance carrier's interpretation of its policy in light of Hurricane Barry, which caused damage on the Louisiana coast earlier this year.

Why does it matter whether wind or water damaged my property?

As those who live on the Louisiana and Texas coasts know, hurricanes and even strong tropical storms can cause damage in a variety of ways. The more intense the hurricane, the faster the wind blows, and therefore the more likely it will be that property sustains wind damage.

Issues with hurricane deductibles

Many if not most homeowners and commercial property owners who have purchased insurance to protect their property may have what is called a deductible. To summarize, a deductible is a certain amount of money, say $1,000, that the owner agrees to chip in should he or she need to file an insurance claim.

Overcoming property damage insurance claims post hurricane

Weather can impact our lives. It can make driving more difficult, cause one to stay in for the night and could even result in an evacuation. Louisiana residents understand how hurricanes can seriously affect a person's life. These storms cause much anxiety as the approach; however, once they have passed, residents are left to pick up the pieces, hoping that they still have a home to go back to.

The details of insurance policies and hurricane damage

As the seasons change, the weather does not experience major changes in Louisiana and other similarly situated states. However, with season change does come weather conditions. In other words, hurricane season can present some major weather conditions, causing concerns for not only individuals living there but also the property that is there.

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